At 11.45 a.m. midday meals begin to be served in our dining hall.

In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 all school meals are free.  

In Key Stage 2 the cost of each meal is £2.00.   All meals for the week must be ordered and paid for on Mondays.  If parents wish, several weeks of meals can be paid for in advance.  Cheques should be made payable to Derby City Council.

Dinnertime Supervision

Our teaching assistants supervise the children in the playground and dining hall.

The School is responsible for its own catering procedures and meal provision.  As a health promoting school we pride ourselves in being able to provide a healthy mid-day meal which includes raw vegetables / salad and fruit.  This encourages children to make healthy choices to prepare them for adult life.

The school governors have specified no meat meals will be served in school but a meat substitute is available.

Lunches from Home

If you wish, your child can bring a packed lunch from home.  All packed lunches must be brought to school by children in the morning.  Please do not include fizzy drinks, or sweets/chocolate bars. We cannot accept hot food into school for packed lunches.


Children in Foundation Stage and Years 1 and 2 receive a free piece of fruit daily as part of the Government’s ‘Fruit for School’ initiative.  

Water is available throughout the day. Children in Foundation Stage and Years 1 and 2 are also provided with a drink of milk or fruit juice at a small cost.