On the 1st July 2016 the school had a Pupil Premium Review, which was carried out by one of the council’s Pupil Premium Champions. 

The review concluded that in regards to spending:
The school focuses its spending in 3 areas:

  1. Improving the quality of teaching

  2. The provision of interventions to close attainment gaps between school PP pupils and National All

  3. The removal of barriers to learning for PP pupils

Evidence of positive impact of all 3 areas of spending:

  1. Quality first teaching – the school has provided CPD for all staff and is using the latest research to identify and deploy innovative teaching strategies. The impact of these is being closely monitored by school and has been seen in lesson observations but has not yet shown the full impact on pupil outcomes

  2. The school is closely monitoring the impact of its interventions and can show narrowing of PP against non PP in-school gaps as a result of these

  3. The school provides extensive pastoral/inclusion support to its pupils and their families. There are examples of PP funding having a life changing impact on PP pupils thanks to the hard work, dedication and practice of key PP funded staff. Pastoral support is a strength of the school.