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 This weeks LEARNING STARS are…

Name: Hanael

Hanael has shown real resilience this week with sorting out Maths problems. Well done!

Name:  Eesah

Eesah is using his full potential and is not waiting for the teacher to help him focus.

Name: Dylan
Class: 1SG

Today Dylan is our Learning Star. This is a very special Learning Star because Miss Smith asked the whole class to vote for the person that they think always follows the Dale school rules and always makes good choices. Well done Dylan, your friends think you are SUPER!

Name: Erin
Class: 2H

Erin has flourished this year and she has worked extremely hard recently to share her ideas and join in with class discussions. She has shown how much learning she has retained and she is now sharing her thoughts with her peers. Keep it up next year, Erin!

Name: Mustafa
Class: 2M

Our learning star is Mustafa. He is a great friend and always gets on without a fuss. He will be fantastic in Year 3… Well done Mustafa!


Name: Simon
Class: 3T

Trying so hard with his writing.
Well done.

Name: Ameera
Class: 3W

Ameera is consistently kind, caring and thoughtful! Lovely!


Name:  Samira
Class: 4B

I am the learning star for always trying my hardest in class.



Name: Cameron
Class: 5AM

On the school trip to the museum, Cameron represented Dale brilliantly. He was engaged and well behaved and stayed back to tidy up the activities, which really impressed Mr Lamb and Mrs Brownhall. Keep up the good work in Y6, Cameron!

Name: Thomas
Class: 5AH

Thomas has been achieving above and beyond all year. We are very pleased with his work and his behaviour. Keep up this fantastic work in Y6, Thomas!


Name: Maryam
Class: 6B

My teacher has nominated me for this weeks learning star because she says that I am always ready to learn and respectful.