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 This weeks LEARNING STARS are…

Name: Aizah Class: 1AS

I always stay on task and quietly get on with all learning.

Name: Dylan Class: 1SG

I’m always ready for learning and set a good example during lessons. I try my very best in every lesson. This week I have worked hard to improve my writing, thinking carefully about where to put capital letters.

Name: Hisham Class: 1SI

I am always ready for my learning and follow the school rules.

Name: Anam Class: 2H

Anam has worked extremely hard in her writing this week. She has written a letter to Santa in her best handwriting and she even read through her work to check it made sense! What a superstar!

Name: Petra Class: 2M

Petra worked super hard. She used her phonics to write independently, even though she finds it tricky, and produced some wonderful adjectives in literacy! Petra was also very kind to other children in the class, going above and beyond to check they were okay. I am very impressed with Petra's effort this week, well done!

Name: Fatima Class: 2P

This week, Fatima has worked so hard on her letter to Santa. She always helps others and has a fantastic attitude to her learning! Well done Fatima!

Name: Junaid Class: 3D
Self Manager

I have worked really hard this week to manage and improve my behaviour.

Name: Salma Class: 3T
Reflective Learner

Improving her learning in all areas. Well done.

Name: Class: 3W

Name: Kaif Class: 4B
Self Manager

I have been chosen for learner of the week because I made a big improvement in my homework.

Name: Abeera Class: 4W
Independent Enquirer

I always complete my work independently and I look for different ways to do things. Mrs Wilson is very proud of me.

Name: Class: 4MC

Name: Class: 5AH

Name: Yusaf Class: 5AM
Self Manager

I have been managing my behaviour better in class and have been getting on with my work without the need for Mr Amin or Mrs Brownhall to tell me to do it.

Name: Mahmoud Class: 5C
Effective Participator

For my BRILLIANT explanation breaking down a really tricky word problem. I have been a lot more involved recently and it is really improving my Maths.

Name: Manbir Class: 6B
Self Manager

I have taken responsibility for my behaviour in class, making sure that I am ready to learn. Being ready to learn has meant that I have been able to move my learning forward.

Name: Taranbir Class: 6H
Self Manager

I am a Learning Star because I am always READY to learn, regardless of the behaviour of others and any possible distractions.

Name: Zaria Class: 6R
Self Manager

I am always on task without having to be reminded by Miss Roome or
Mr Kooner. I am conscientious in all classroom tasks and always try my best in all subjects!