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Good Work Assembly - HOUSE HEROES!

4W - 5G/B - 6B


4M/S - 5W/C - 6H


4B - 5A - 6C


Mandeep - Effective Participator

For being an absolute superstar in the special assemblies. Well done Mandeep!


Tayyab - Resourceful Thinker

For being one of 12 year 4 children in the country to have their ideas and design (for a modern day cauldron) on display at the STEM exhibition in Coventry this week.

Isa - Self Manager

I am good and I never get told off.

Rayan - Independent Enquirer

I have been an amazing
independent enquirer all year!

Zain and Eman - Team Workers

These two have been chosen due to their starring roles in the Year 6 assembly. They were absolutely brilliant and represented 6H wonderfully!

GREAT WORK EVERYONE! Who will be our winners next week?