Good Work Assembly - HOUSE HEROES!

strutt rose.png

4MC and 5AH and 6H

Reflective Learner

I have been super resilient in maths this week which has meant I can now round numbers to the nearest 1000. I have acted positively to feedback and made changes to improve my learning. Amazing!!! Well done Ishmal.


4B and 5AM and 6B

Reflective Learner

I like to do new things and I work hard when I go on trips.


4W and 5C and 6R

Reflective Learner

I listen carefully if I have made a mistake and learn from it.I always try my best and have beautiful handwriting.

Team Worker

Miss Ahmed chose me to be House Hero because I am a team player. I work well with other children and always offer to help my teacher. In maths I have been supporting my partner and this has helped me with my reasoning skills.

Reflective Learner

My teacher said that I worked hard to recall my learning during my tests and the results showed how hard I tried.

Reflective Learner

I have been chosen for being a reflective learner as I have reviewed my work at school and decided to use my WOW to write a shorts story (including as many WOW as possible at home). This has enabled me to understand the words better and I can now use them in my letter.

GREAT WORK EVERYONE! Who will be our winners next week?