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3P - 4W - 5M/G - 6B


3T - 4M/S - 5W/C - 6H


3A - 4B - 5A - 6C




Fareha Kauser - 3A
Effective Participator

I have been chosen for good work assembly because I am new to Dale school and have settled in well. I have made good relationships with others and join in class discussions. I always work hard and have a good attitude to learning.

Vanesa Fercakova - 4W
Independent Enquirer

I can do it!


Zara Khan - 4M/S
Effective Participator

I have been chosen because I have been working very hard with my partner


Aisha Iftikhar - 5M/G
Team Worker

l Always try my best in every subject and help others after have finished my own work.



Tahreem Fatimah - 6B
Reflective Learner

I have worked very hard in year six. I have done my best to learn from my mistakes and have worked independently with great results.

Bilal Iqbal - 6H
Self Manager

I have been chosen for house hero because I have been working hard, been well behaved, responsible and been a team worker.

Haaris Ali - 6C
Effective Participator

Good Work Details:: Haaris has had a very productive week; answering some difficult questions, getting on with his work without any fuss and working well with others. He has been especially good in maths and has been really keen to contribute. Well done Haaris, keep it up!

GREAT WORK EVERYONE! Who will be our winners next week?