Good Work Assembly - HOUSE HEROES!

strutt rose.png

4MC and 5AH and 6H

Self Manager

I have been working super hard this term so far and really committed myself to my learning (especially in maths!!) and have been able to take part in full class discussions excellently. Keep up the good work Isobella!


4B and 5AM and 6B

Resourceful Thinker

I think about my learning before I write it and I take my time and I don't rush it.


4W and 5C and 6R

Effective Participator

I have been chosen because I am a good learner and I am good at topic and I have been putting in lots of effort this year!

Self Manager

Miss Ahmed has chosen me for house hero because I take responsibility for my own learning. I did some research and wrote two non-chronological reports at home by myself. In class I always participate and put my hand up. I am always keen to learn new things.

Effective Participator

I have been working really hard this week, always trying my best even when the supply teacher was in, he was very impressed with my behaviour and school work.

Effective Participator

I am a house hero because I always get on with what I am supposed to be doing and I always answer to questions.

Reflective Learner

I am house hero because I recently used lots of war of words in my DIVERSE sentences which I created in mere minutes and used a fancy War Of Words in my everyday life by saying this very quote, "Mr Helliwell is a very ENGAGING Teacher". :)

Stefan Balog
Self Manager

I have been working very hard to focus on my learning so that I can complete all my work.

Self Manager

Miss Roome has chosen me to be house hero this week because I have been actively involved in class discussions and I have put lots of effort into my learning - especially in maths!

GREAT WORK EVERYONE! Who will be our winners next week?