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Good Work Assembly - HOUSE HEROES!

4W - 5G/B - 6B


4M/S - 5W/C - 6H


4B - 5A - 6C


Nehan Nawaz
Resourceful Thinker

Mrs Wilson chose me because I don't give up if I make a mistake and keep trying to make my writing as good as my maths.

Ehsan Iqbal
Self Manager

I have been working really hard in everything because I have been concentrating but my next achievement is to stop being a chatterbox.

Haleema Younis
Reflective Learner

I always check my work and I can review my learning to help me to make me a better learner

Isa Sohail
Self Manager

I have been working hard and never gave up. And in my mini beast project I proceeded.

Reflective Learner

I have been dedicated to my learning and self improvement all year and have really impressed my teachers!


Farah Ahmed
Reflective Learner

I am House Hero because I wrote a persuasive letter which has brought my teachers attention to my tidy and fabulous work.I was also able to make changes to make my work better.i hope you learn from me.

Sami Younis
Reflective Learner

I have been trying my best in all subjects achieving greater depth (above average) in maths. Also i have gained an additional 48 marks from the start of the year to now. I have been chosen for improving my test scores and making the most progress in my class

GREAT WORK EVERYONE! Who will be our winners next week?