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3P - 4W - 5G/B - 6B


3T - 4M/S - 5W/C - 6H


3A - 4B - 5A - 6C




Marika Gorska - 4W
Effective Participator

I am determined not to give in.
I always try my best.

Arzoo Sohail - 4M/S
Self Manager

I have just came to this school on Monday and I have worked hard and joined in with everything.

Iqra Shezadi - 4B
I have been chosen because we writing a fact file about teeth and I have written it in my best handwriting

Taranbir Fagura - 5G/B
Effective Participator

For producing some brilliant Planet Top Trumps!

Muniba - 5W/C
Reflective Learner

I have been monitoring my own performance over the last few weeks to show a growing confidence in my ability in all areas of the curriculum. My growth mind-set is growing daily and I don't mind getting in to the learning pit anymore!


Sanya Ameen - 5A
Independent Enquirer

I have been chosen for house hero because I take informed and well reasoned decisions, recognising that others have different beliefs and attitudes.


Tahrrem Fatimah - 6B
Reflective Learner

I have become more confident. I work hard to do my work independently and always try my best.

Sami Younis - 6H
Effective Participator

Sami is House Hero because of his frequent participation when reading the book 'Holes'.
He offers well thought out inferences and predictions, therefore demonstrating that he is constantly monitoring his understanding of what we are reading.


Hamana - 6C
Effective Participator

This is my first week at Dale Primary school.
I have been participating in all areas of learning and making new friends. I have enjoyed my first week at Dale and am looking forward to the rest of the academic year.


GREAT WORK EVERYONE! Who will be our winners next week?