The Runaway By Abu-Bakr Ali

The Runaway

Whilst the thunder crackled and the storm cackled in the dark lonely night, a boy named Liam dashed past buildings, cars and people. The serene silence engulfed the world. All he could hear was his heart pounding. His head filled with anger and his heart filled with hatred. Gazing ahead, Liam was awestruck. Terror gripped him by the throat and for a moment he felt that the whole world stopped spinning. It was the school bully Anthony. He was with his gang. Anthony was sacrosanct. Liam wished he’d never ran away from his mum and dad.

Seconds turned to minutes, minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days. Liam ran and ran and ran as sweat danced on his forehead and dangled off his chin. The bitter wind, like a cataclysmic beast, suddenly ripped it’s way through his shivering heart. It swung him back and forced him to lie on the vibrant green grass. Where was he? He didn’t know. He looked around it was deserted it  seemed like everybody had disappeared! Putrid smells permeated the air. Looking up, he was shocked! Rotten bodies hung onto the trees. And their roots, like veins, were poised to claim their next victim.

Day turned to night whilst the moon glistened and Liam was forced to rest. He sheltered under a tree. Despite being frozen he fell asleep quickly. A ghostly melody emerged cascading from the skies. Liam awoke from his slumber. He chewed on a rotten body like a Dracula sucking blood. He sucked the sticky smelly salty blood.

Vigorously Liam sprinted once again. Air seeped through his ripped clothes and shiver crept up his spine, like a spider tickling his soul. As the sun shone brightly, Liam ran up hills, down streets and along roads. He had great stamina and was the school cross country champion. He was lonely in school and everybody treated him with contempt. Even the teachers made fun of him! He imagined himself in school,  being bullied. But he wouldn’t let that hold him back. Darkness awoke from his sleep and reiterated the area. But where was the area? Tranquillity illuminated the city. A sinister whisper entered his ears and dank smells pervaded the world.

Liam’s energy was depleted. He tightened his grip on his knees and panted like a dog. Finally his energy was replenished and he bolted off in the distance. He stopped. A sound. A sound echoed around him. He looked back. A furious beast perched on the mucky mud. It was a lion! Liam ran as fast as his little legs would take him. The lion grabbed  his ripped trousers and gripped him to the ground. Liam jumped and sprinted. He climbed over the wall and escaped. He stopped, again. Scarlet blood dripped, dripped, dripped from his forehead and opulent  tears showered diamonds on the ground below. Liam remembered his parents death and a singular tear, falls…

By Abu-Bakr Ali