Oblivious By Zayna Hussain

Screams... Nothing but agonising screams fading away in the bitter landscape. I couldn’t believe I was the only one left. I was the only survivor. One moment ago I was there..... And now I`m here, trapped alone in this grey prison.

My heart almost ripped open as fragments of my love vanished into thin air. All my friends, my family this was and most of all, my engagement with Charlotte last week, have just drained away but just the beginning...before I realised that he could have caused this extinction!

Deep inside my head, a tornado of hatred and repugnance ran across, before BANG! And ululating residents howled in the distance. As I turned round to see what had happened, the rocking boat swayed from left to right. Until, I noticed a figure beside me. Tall and gloomy but he stood there...Silent.                   

For a moment, all I could hear was my heart pounding, pounding and pounding until I almost missed a beat.

“Son,” he exclaimed”. ” I...I`ve finally comprehended my mistakes I devoted 20 years...”

“Wait, you’re my father” I interrogated!

“You see son, It all started on your birth, when, when we were celebrating your arrival.  And this man came to me and he gave my 5 packets of this well.... powder.  3 days later your mother, Linda found out to what it was and kicked me out the house” he told me.

Perplexed, I asked what it was, but droplets of sweat dripped and dripped from his fore-head and without a replay he held out something, that said “drugs” on its front.

I became speechless and my heart almost skipped a beat again. Until I realised what he was clutching onto in his other hand...

“NOOO, DON`T”, I bellowed!

Since that day and that time, and second I knew I’d lost the lot, whereas that day always reminds of this little rhyme me and mum used to sing, but she never really liked singing it.



Life, certainly a complicated word no-one will ever understand, although at the orphanage, I sometimes tell this story to the older children that stay there (if I`m in a good mood).  Moving that aside, Charlotte left me, well you see I lost her but my guess was right, I knew he did it all. All this time it was him. My enemy.

I remember all those bombs that could be seen in by horizon and the screams that echoed in the vastness. Only I survived that time but I`ll forever treasure dad, I can still recall when he shot himself and jumped into the river. His face filled with a foreboding fear and his eyes in such agony. He was wearing our chain, wrapped around his neck with a photo of us. Family, but I will always wonder why my photo had a cross marked on it. 

I will always wonder why...