Maths Blast Final

WINNER: Rumsha Zahid 5RM

Adam Mahmood 4TM - Year 4 Winner
Taymur Mohammad - 4S
Ibrahim Ali - 4MB

Rumsha Zahid 5RM - Year 5 Winner
Amaed Malik - 5G
Gurvir Saini - 5W

Maariya Sadiq 6I - Year 6 Winner
Hifzah Aftab - 6C
Umar Mustafa - 6MW

A very well done to all the students who conquered their classmates and made it to the Maths Blast Final today.  As per usual, it was a tough contest and Mrs Johnson was in awe at the speed of the finalists!  Thank you to everyone who worked hard and to parents for supporting the Maths Blast.  An extra special well done to our winners and runners up!