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Take a look at the profiles of the naturists, explorers, inventors and scientists that we are studying
(In year group order FS - YR6)

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I am the owner of a very big farm in the Cotswolds and also run the Cotswolds Farm ParkI have a wife called Charlotte.

When I was younger I worked at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire and I have been all over the world: to Australia, New Zealand, California and Canada studying rare breeds of sheep.

I also work for the BBC on a programme called Countryfile.

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Full Name: Sir David Frederick Attenborough
Date of Birth: 8th May 1926

From being a young boy I always loved nature. 

I have worked as a broadcaster for the BBC for over 70 years and have been lucky enough to travel all over the world and visit many different animal homes.  I have a degree from Cambridge University in Natural Sciences and have won many awards for my conservation work.

I have a wife called Jane and 2 children called Robert and Susan.

I have met the Queen and in 1985 was knighted 'Sir' David Attenborough.

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Yr2 Tim Peake.png

Full Name: Timothy Nigel Peake
Date of Birth: 7th April 1972

I am an Astronaut for the European Space Agency. 
I used to be in the Army, where I worked as a test pilot. 

In 2016 I spent 186 days in space on the International Space Station!
I also like to run and ran the London Marathon (on a treadmill) while I was on the Space Station.  Being fit and healthy is very important if you want to be an astronaut.

I have a wife called Rebecca and 2 sons.

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Full Name: William Gilbert (also known as Giberd)
Born: 24th May 1544   
Died: 30th November 1603

I am a very famous Scientist and Astronomer. 
I was interested in magnets, electricity and the moon!

I went to Cambridge University and started my career as a doctor and looked after Queen Elizabeth I!

I did lots of experiments with magnets and came up with the idea that the earth used magnetic forces to spin on its axis.  Before me scientists thought that the earth stood still at the centre of the universe!

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Full Name: Howard Carter
Born: 9th May 1874   -   Died: 2nd March 1939

I am a world-famous Archeologist and Egyptologist. 
I discovered the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun in 1922!

From being a young boy I was interested in Egyptian antiques.  A grand house near where I grew up had a great collection of Egyptian artefacts and I was fascinated by them.  When I was 17 I went to Egypt with a famous Egyptologist (Flinders Petrie).  He employed me to copy the drawings on the walls of the Egyptian tombs to take back to London.

I became very well respected as an Egyptologist and supervised many excavations across Egypt.  I developed the 'grid system' as an organised way of cataloguing artefacts found during excavations, which is still used today.  On 4th November 1922 I found the steps that led down to Tutankhamun's tomb.  It was such an exciting time, journalists from all over the world came to document my findings. 

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Full Name: Charles Francis Richter
Born: 26th April 1900   -   Died: September 30th 1985

I am a famous American Seismologist and Physicist.
I created the 'Richter Scale' to measure the strength of earthquakes.

I was born in Ohio in the United States of America.  I went to Stanford University and later to the Institute of Technology in California.

I moved to Washington and became fascinated by Seismology (the study of earthquakes and the waves they make on earth).  In 1922 I developed the 'Richter Scale' as a way of measuring the earthquakes.   Before this earthquakes were measured with roman numerals on a scale of I - XII and a decision was made depending on how buildings or people were affected.

I decided to use the word 'Magnitude' to describe the strength of a quake.

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Full Name: Benjamin Franklin
Born: 17th January 1706   -   Died: 17th April 1790

I am a Scientist, Philosopher and Inventor.
I am also one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.
My wife is called Deborah.

I started out in my career as a printer and made a lot of money from printing newspapers.  I retired from business early and used the money to focus on scientific research and developing my inventions.

I was very interested in electricity and how it works and developed the understanding that electricity 'flows' from one thing to another, but is never destroyed.  I invented the lightning rod as a way of diverting the bolt away from buildings.

I was also a successful diplomat and politician and helped to draft and was a signatory to the American Declaration of Independence and American Constitution.

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